Nothing Should Stop You From Chasing Your Dream.

April, 2014

By Seyon Communications in Winning Strategies Magazine

36 pages, published 3/28/2014

In this edition, Promoting High Quality and Genuine Nigerian/African Indigenous Fashion Brands – Founding Fathers Inc. The Most Suppressed History In The World - African’s Legacy and the Education of African Community. Embracing The Most Fulfilling Occupation In The World. - Peter Chen 55 Surefire Home Based Businesses You Can Start Immediately – Entrepreneur PressIt Really Doesn't Take Much To Update A Bathroom You Are A Leader Of…
Get a hold of your life right now. Yes, right now! You say time is running out, slipping through your fingers like fine dusts but then what are you merely doing? Procrastinating over things you could do in the NOW, holding back yourself - waiting for the right time 'til your age catches up on you. Then again, you make awesome, out of this world EXCUSES - that you are already old for such things, that you can't have the stamina to engage in this and that activity. Read more

March, 2014
Winning Strategies Magazine: March, 2014
In this edition, you will discover:What It Takes To Be A Female Entrepreneur - Kim KiyosakiKeys to Becoming a Trusted Leader by- Henry BrowningThe Fastest, Most Profitable And Easiest Way To Get Your Books Published - By Sam HunsuThe New Rules of Branding Your Business Online -by Christine…